You’re Wearing Crocs?

Crocs shoes are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. When I say “Crocs shoes”, I don’t mean shoes made of crocodile skin, but rather a new shoe trend that is sweeping the nation Crocs shoes originally came from Canada. Now, the Crocs company is based in Boulder, Colorado. Crocs are made from a […]

You Can Find Stunning Art Deco Jewelry

You can find a long history for Art Deco Jewelry. This style of jewelry can be dated back to the mid 1920s. This type of art was inspired by the “Exposition Internationales des Arts Decoratifs and Industriels Modernes”. This movement took place in Paris, France in the mid 1920s, with the term “Art Deco” not […]

Yellow Diamonds – Good Luck Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds are cherished gem stones for their gorgeous color, exotic appearance and mystic power. Which diamond rings look best with yellow diamonds? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you haven’t seen fancy yellow diamond rings lately, you’re in for a treat. The new diamond rings designs with fancy yellow diamonds are […]

Yellow Diamonds Are First Choice for the Fashion Savvy

Treasured, rare and always adding sparkle into our lives, diamonds will never fall out of fashion. Life’s most endearing moments – engagements, birthdays and anniversaries – are celebrated with diamonds. But most people believe that a diamond with color is an inferior jewel. Not so, according to Ross- Simons Jewelers. On the contrary, colored diamonds […]